30 Jahre Horizont Award

We were asked to create an intro to the 30th Horizont Awards at Alte Oper in Frankfurt. The Awardshow takes place every year to decorate outstanding personas from the fields of marketing, advertising and journalism. We were glad to deliver a tailormade solution.

The Concept

We wanted to represent each decade of the award (1983-2013 = 80ies, 90ies, 00s) with a typical animation style & look and feel. The 1983-1993 was more of a 2D-business-card-flipping-style accompanied by some jazzy tones. 1994-2003: more blocked out & clean old school 3D. 2004-2013 came with a clean airport-style-minimal-3D-graphic-look. We had to tone down the animation a bit since it was supposed to be a smooth opener – making it a bit chilly and laid back – “elevator style”.

The Result

As the Alte Oper filled up with people our intro played out smoothly in the arena.
Since the concept could be adapted easily throughout the following years, “Horizont” had a lasting opener solution – and we had many party nights at the Alte Oper. We enjoyed being there through the entire event – especially high spirited in the chesterfield lounge.
Thanks to “Horizont” for having us!